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$Loans to Go Inc. takes pride in the policies and procedures used to protect the personal information collected and maintain of behalf of our clients. Access to personal information is granted to our agents under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.
We only share consumer information with our agents, lenders, insurers, credit bureau agencies, etc.
$Loans to Go Inc. will not use or disclose personal information for purposes other than for the purpose the application was intended, unless the consent of the applicant is granted.

Credit Bureau Consent:

I/We the undersigned, declare the information provided with respect to my/our mortgage application is a true & complete representation of my/our financial situation. I/We understand that it is being used to determine my/our credit responsibility and to evaluate and respond to my/our request for mortgage financing. I/We authorize $Loans to Go Inc. to obtain a credit report. I/We also authorize $Loans to Go Inc. to exchange such credit information for the purpose of securing mortgage financing to potential mortgage lenders, mortgage insurers or service providers. $Loans to Go Inc. is authorized to retain the application and credit information whether or not the mortgage is approved.

 I/we accept the terms above.

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